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Friday, July 7, 2017

Deane Wheeler gives up managing his wife Emerelda so he can give his new “Yogo” classes the big push. Chris Norton rolls out a couple of rap tunes he intends to use as promotional tools for his adult film career.

The BSP Classic Show, from June 2003, includes Jeff Dowdder saying children are traumatized by parents who have only one limb, citing Paul McCartney’s new wife Heather.

Episode 941 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Shaun

    LMAO at Robert!!!! Bro went off!!!! Mavis speaking on the topic would have been epic!!!!

  • Rudolph

    I loved the back-and-forth conversation on that commercial. It was controversial and I loved it!

  • Rudolph

    I loved the back-and-forth conversation on that commercial. I’ve had some of the same thoughts about that commercial spot. I was totally amazed at how everyone had their views and it actually reminded me of a real conversation between a group of friends..How do you jump from one persons thoughts to another persons?? I L O V E IT❗️

  • John In LA
    John In LA

    Wes hit the post on the song ending! funny stuff Phil

  • Tim

    Great, another rerun…not even labeled as such.

    • Shaun

      Tim, you’re so dumb that it hurts! Try to keep up! It wasn’t a rerun at all! This show might not be for you, sir…. LOL

  • azdb

    farmers only……I love phil, listener since mid 90’s but damn he is fired up about a commercial… to listen again to ascertain the point….

  • Jason Torok
    Jason Torok

    I never knew how much I need angry Robert in my life, that was great.

  • Avatar
    Don MacDonald

    I loved Robert’s commentary today.

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