Dr. Elcott, doctor of divinity at the Northern California Holistic Center, guest hosts the podcast today. Phil and the usual panel return on Monday!

Episode 141 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Paul Cook
    Paul Cook

    I this the first appearance of Ed Elcott?

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    Adam Ray

    This episode is still so fucking funny

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    Anthony Santoro, Jr.

    The shows are always good but this was the funniest thing in a long time. I listened on a “loop” last night and will do the same tonight. Farking Genius! Thanks, Phil.

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    Roy Gibbs

    Phil… you’re another Buddha … Osho … Jesus … this has to go main stream….

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Really cool show, how different and really out there, very funny, listened 3 times!

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    Michael Scales

    This gave me more belly laughs per minute than anything I’ve heard in a very, very long time. Brilliant!!

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    karsten Nicholson

    I started meditating to this and fell asleep. It was very relaxing.

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    Herb Sewell

    this is absolutely brilliant extemporaneously magnificent psycho pseudo non sense.. fantastic I love it.. I have a new phrase “I are Elcott”
    damit phil your amazing.. a great free thinker.. Elcott east and Elcott west.. the “ElCar” He am,, He be I aint… pissed my self laughing Thanks again Phil

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    Mick Jackson

    I are laughing my ass off! Nice work Phil.

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    far out man

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    david bell

    Finally got around to listening to the commentary on McMansions, Spike Lee and gentrification. Hearing what I also am thinking is always nice. They did the same thing in my town. They tore down all the old stuff, which is ok, but in its place ugly mcmansions that are too large for the property were the replacement. Yes, there are those who want larger closets, but also local officals who need tax revenue. As for Mr. Lee, he will always be biased. Sometimes the rich push out the poor, and sometimes the poor push out the middle. Lucky for us it’s economic. It’s not an invading force like in Iraq.

  • Rick Mantler
    Rick Mantler

    This is the flat out funniest thing Mr. Hendrie has done in the past 3-4 years. This proves that he still has it in him to produce material every bit as good or better than the most impossibly hilarious Art Bell bits from the Classic days.

    More of this inspired lunacy, please!!!

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    Ricky Graber

    Hey Phil
    Did you have a great time “Choppin it up” with Mickie n Mallorie and all the rest of “The Posse” at The Bundy Ranch?” …IE LV

  • Avatar
    Ricky Graber

    Hey Phil
    Did you have a great time “Choppin it up” with Mickie n Mallorie and all the rest of “The Posse” at The Bundy Ranch?” …IE LV

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    Adam Ray

    this is one of the funniest shows I have heard in a long time.

    I’ve been extremely disappointed with the show since you went off the air, but for some reason the last 3 days the show has been great.

    I almost wrecked the car laughing

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    Susan Chapman-Jones

    Good grief, Hendrie; this is the weirdest podcast yet. What an utterly peculiar character; I hope to hear him on the show regularly; he’s hilarious and very scarey at the same time, which makes him fascinating. However, the fact that you conceived of him at all is troubling. Perhaps you should have your brain scientifically studied by psycho- neurologists as, evidently, your mind is unique (i.e., far from the norm). In fact, I am rather concerned by my own reaction — amazement, followed by hilarity. Is this what the great Russian philosopher, Bakhtin, meant by the carnivalesque: “something that is created when the themes of the carnival twist, mutate, and invert standard themes of societal makeup.”

  • Bonnie Kliewer
    Bonnie Kliewer

    Very weird and funny at the same time. Good job Phil.

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    Patrick Crosby (aka San Clemente Moose)

    The most exciting thing to come along since Est!

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    Seth Kelsey

    another brilliant show concept from the master!

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