Phil and the crew kicked off talking about the Bee Gees’ song “I Gotta Get A Message To You” and a version of it by The Soldiers which no one had heard except Phil. The suspicion around that melted into Margaret rummaging through her purse looking for a White Owl.

Phil talked about his trip to Vegas and his visit with his cousins. He also gave some family history and ripped into Bud yet again for calling their home country “Cananada.”

Margaret remarked on how handsome a priest on TV was and the General chastised her for “wanting to hump the bones of a priest.” Margaret asked Phil if he thought the man (whispering it) “was gay.”

Dr. Ed Elcott guested and recapped his appearance on the show last Friday. Jeff Dowdder was interviewed as to his knowledge of “Dr. Fredrickson’s last moments.” The doctor, one of the founders of Elcott-The Next Step, was thrown from a box car near the trestles at Jalama Beach north of Santa Barbara.

Episode 142 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

  • Mark Camara
    Mark Camara

    Hey Phil,
    Have you gotten any issues with users not being about to listen to the podcasts on Windows phones? Sometimes I only get 1/3rd of an episode, even though it syncs fine with no issues. Thanks, Mark (aka Loafy Molasses)

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