Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxilliary Police came on the show to warn Phil that all his questions concerning a man in Texas killing the allgeged attacker of his daughter….well, see we even blew it here on the show log calling the attacker “alleged.” In any event, Phil’s questions were not being viewed favorably by Major Newton of the CAP. Mr. Hendrie’s much too curious and clever.

Following that imbroglio, Jeff Dowder, sometime assistant professor of “mechanical physics” at Cal Tech, discussed Nick Wallenda’s crossing of Niagra Falls on a high wire. Jeff said it was not the daredevil act it appeared to be considering the fact Mr. Wallenda was wearing a safety harness. Now, said Jeff, if you’ve ever ridden in the front car of the Stateline, Nevada roller coaster you’d know what real “daredevilism” was.

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    Niagara Falls … not Niagra Falls

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    Bob, test site my U.R.L.

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    Judge; you have no room to talk. I've listen to your show . You're U.R.L. is on this site, I don't get you or you're show. But I will keep a open mind.

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    Dean Wheeler sounds way too effeminate to pull off him being a male on radio theater. He sounds too much in style and pitch to M. Gray. Just saying, if Dean is married but super effeminate, it's just not a good quality and quickly identifiable of a character. Sounds more like Phil having gender confusion with Dean.

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