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Thursday, June 14, 2012

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Mr. Stephen Bosell of Corona, California discussed his ongoing dispute with CK Corona middle school where his daughter attends. He punished his daughter "with a backhand and then a forehand and then a backhand" when she used the word "bushrod" and giggled about it. "Bushrod" was actually a name she learned in school that day, the first name of George Washington's nephew. Steve also confronted assistant headmistress Trudy Laniel and the psychotic, never-speaking, heavy-breathing headmistress Erica Dorton...

Later Channel 19 anchor Don Berman and attorney Harvey Weirman attempt to discuss a lawsuit filed by actor Stephen Baldwin against actor Kevin Costener but it turns to dung when Weirman says Berman "screamed like a woman getting tagged by her husband in the middle of the night."

With Margaret Grey, Frank Grey, RC Collins and Brass Villenuava...


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