Robert Green of Frazier Foods hit a disabled child wearing a Superman costume one day while driving a brand new Humvee and rolling through a red light. The child “trying to lift off like Superman ran into my truck. Naturally, I took off but then a quarter of a mile later turned around and came back.” Bob is suing the family saying putting a Superman a cape on a child with autism is “like strapping lead boots on him and saying ‘go swim the English channel.'”

Doug Dannger, gay man and gay journalist, told Phil and his audience he is opposed to gay marriage because “gays will be so good at it that it will piss off straight people and a civil war between gays and straights will break out.” Doug says that as straights lose the war “they’ll retreat further and further up the canyon to the reserve meth lab with fewer and fewer teeth.”

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    I must not have enough comdeic sophistication, but I though Monday's show was very good. The Bob Green bit had co-workers looking at me due to my spontaneous laughter. It's a show meant to entertain and always delivers.

  • paddyandpeanut

    Doug's Trinity – LMFAO!

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    Bobs setup was surprisingly dull. Bob seems to get a lot of great bits involving the handicapped (Blind Haunted House, Game Seats to a retard, Mongo Chow etc), and he is usually exploitive and derogatory towards them in spite of his manners, eloquence and position in life. On the setup the jokes are nowhere to be found, it's interesting, but not really phunny.

    The counter sue measure was a useless bit of material. It was never utilized. The callers were duller than they've ever been and Bob's arguments were drab… only a few cuties re: wearing a helmet and chewing food. The cape in the grill twist was too little, too late, the caller didn't even react. The cape in the grill twist was too little, too late, the caller didn't even react. Some 'tard talk would've really help incite the callers and make some laughs. The cape in the grill twist was too little, too late, the caller didn't even react…. boring.

    Dougs setup is a great concept, one that he's touched on before, but it lacks credulity and realism, as a result, Bud is brought in after the 20 minute mark to kill time, and there are only 2 callers. The first caller (drunk "Joe" from Tehas) was great, and the interactions were pretty funny. The second caller was terrible, and the juvenile wordplay and inane badgering put forth by Doug was painful to listen to at times. The horse died at the 25 minute mark.

    On the Dannger scale 4 gay thumbs down 1 gay thumb up.

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    you could totally turn belvin perry into one of your characters…. he could be an old judge that use to fight with wireman….

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    love your impression of Belvin Perry Jr. could watch/listen to you impersonate him all night.

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