Professor Emory Clayton defended the Vancouver rioters saying the young people of Canada have nothing. “America is a UFC fighter and Canada is a hanging bag in the garage..” In fact, Professor Clayton led a student riot at LA Canyon College when they replaced the Ball Park Franks brand at the football stadium with Hebrew National. “We burned the concession stand down including the cotton candy.”

Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills tried to explain away his slapping of a child at the restuarant. “With all these Anthony Weiner jokes, I had gotten sick of it,” said Ted. “When I thought I heard the kid say ‘cornhole’ I let loose.” The kid actually said “corndog.”

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    Oh Lewis…. you're gonna make friends 'round here… Great post!

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    Now this guy Fred is letting the "The Ego" spit on his honor. This Hendrie screws up every show, pushes some button or chirps like a squirrel when he can't find his toys. Fred, you ALMOST did it, you came so close to telling the "the host" to eat his own manure. Please, oh please Fred, do what you sound like you're ready to do: grab his manure and throw it back… with a bucketload of yours mixed with it. Go, brother, it would be worth this "pass" to hear you lay it on. Turn up your mike and spike his head phone with your guts, buddy!

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    Hey Bro … Shittle doesn't have the faintest idea of what his own bullshit means; it just makes him feel important to post his comedically tone-deaf critiques. Man o man … What a dumbshit.


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    sittle…I really don't care, but just out of curiousity, can you explain the scale of the Dannger thumbs…from worst to best?

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    Check out the famous "Kissing Couple":

    The picture, is oddly amazing, it has a cinematic quality to it, something out of a Micheal Mann film.

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    Professor Clayton had a decent setup, he was actually phunny, he made some funny observations. He's getting a little more "southern" with each performance and less uppity, nice touch. His own riot over Hebrew Nationals was humourous.

    After the 15 minute mark, the racial insertion was funny, but it wasn't very effective. The first caller spent a good 10 minutes on the line… without any really good results. The conversation focused on political and societal points, without getting too funny.

    2 rather dull callers. The bit was funnier with the mentions of "jewdog" and "sucking the slop" and "slip this footlong zion dog into your mouth", I found the racism and anti semitism phunnier than the interactions with the callers.

    Ted setup wasn't bad, not a lot of big gags. The material seemed rushed, thin and sloppy. A rather weak appearance by David G on the setup.

    The bit ends early at the 30 minute mark, for good reason, it needed more material and a good second act. It could've also used some more of Ted's self righteousness, elitism and egotism. There are only so many ways to layout the "cornhole" joke… the "recording" of the incident was good.

    Larrys appearance in the third hour was welcomed and a good concept, it was unfortunately slapdash in it's presentation and structure, but worthy of chuckles.

    On the Dannger scale 3 gay thumbs down and 4 gay thumbs up…

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    Chris norton is the best. Anyone who can do the splits and crack and egg open while finishing it with a somersault over an open watermelon has got my support. IM SESSY.

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    Great show. I loved the Chris Norton bit from the other day but I know we will all be going to hell for listening to it.

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