Tonight Doug Dannger proposed that, now that he has passed on, Peter Falk become a new and powerful symbol of the gay fight for equal rights. Sure Mr. Falk was straight and married. It wouldn’t matter. “We would repurpose his life to be that of an out queer with a lover left destitute because there’s no community property.” Doug also thought Clarence Clemmons would make a good symbol of Gay Pride as well.

Next up was Chris Norton with a new website called M&M ILF’s…Murdering Mom’s I’d Like To F*#k. Chris obviously would kick the site off with Casey Anthony.  But he also reserved a spot for Lizzy Borden. “Lizzy Borden took an ass’ and gave her father forty wass’. Thas’ was the rhyme. She basically buried an ass’ in her dad’s face,” said the allergy stricken Chris.

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  • paddyandpeanut

    OMFG the babbling bit was so freaking surreal and almost psychedelic!!! LOL!!!!!

  • Avatar

    loved the babbling bit during pre-show….i actually thought you were having a stroke like that news reporter lady earlier this year….nice!

  • blouseclowns

    I give up. Trying to watch on my phone at work.this network is a joke.if I worked for att i'd be embarr.assed

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