We started the show with Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary police. His new “Nightstalker Point of View” training video has some people up in arms. It’s a video Jay took with a helmet cam peeking in people’s bedroom windows to give the viewer an idea of what a Peeping Tom sees.

Art Griego doesn’t care what that Southwest pilot had to say about fat women and gays. If it doesn’t affect the way you fly the aircraft it’s all good. In fact back when Art was a commercial pilot he used to stand in the cockpit door greeting passengers by saying “Hi I’m Captain Griego and I’m a member of a white supremacist organization.”

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    OK, Sittle, I have criticized your comments a few times and have countered with my deepest, most thought provoking reviews of the shows (i.e., 'great show as always') but now that I've read your stuff for lo these many weeks/months I think your comments are pretty accurate and I'm probably wrong but it seems like the show is improving. If that's due to your critiques then all I can do is offer a tip of the cap and go about my business, Jay-style.

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    Good idea for the Santos bit. Execution was disappointing. Poor legal reasoning. Focus more on police immunity and no means rea. Weak callers. Art bit was too slow. The lack of callers made it tedious.

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    Sittle, most of what you say used to ruin my listening pleasure. I still admit to doing a quick scan of your way-too-detailed comments, though. The way you go so OVERBOARD on the critique starts to make my hair stand on end. All that aside, I don't think you are a "bad" person, and I do have to admit that some of your observations are spot-on. It's like you say about Phil's episodes sometimes, "You have to listen to all the crap to pick out something decent."

    So, in the case of Jay Santos, I reluctantly have to agree with your perceptions. The theme song would be great to have back, and the degradation of the premise until it is really an insult to people would be welcomed back. I just wish Phil would get to that outrageousness that he used so well "back in the day". And when I say that, I'm not trying to suggest that Phil do things EXACTLY as he used to like some Luddite; it's just that there are some scenarios that are so CLASSICALLY enjoyable that they will be always good for needling the callers as well as netting the callers.

    I still find myself, more often than not, delving back into the archives for the really good laughs that I want from the show. Darn it anyway.

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    If the Ted's jingle can be dug out of the archives, why can't Jay's theme play at the start of his bits…. Is it too much to ask for?

    Jays setup is a great concept, poorly executed. What a shame… This had pre newstalk era written all over it. This setup should've been hillarious and at least very explosive, instead it was ambiguous and undefined.

    The material is sloppy, the callers (when the finally arrive) are almost comatose (in reaction to the material), Jay has no CAPisms (3 step, dance away) to challenge the callers with and there is no escalation in the material.

    This bit really felt like it was as much of a hassle to listen to as it was to produce and perform. Instead of rolling out unbelievable material, Jay debates with the callers. This one should've been Jay Santos by the numbers, homerun… a la the CAP "Home Invasion Drills" from January 2006.

    Arts setup was pretty good… stellar compared to Jay, there is some compelling material here and he really creates a subversive view of pilots. Some great jokes about pilots running home for Pabst and white pointy hoods. It is interesting and entertaining, but it doesn't come across as incentive enough to get some callers on… Art isn't infringing upon anyones rights or freedoms, isn't bringing any callers in and starts recycling the material back through at the 20 minute mark. Inspite of that Art gets some cuties in with Phil, but you're gonna have to sit through a lot of filler to find them.

    It's nice to hear Phil rap with characters, but the same single point over 45 minutes is simply repetitive.

    Margs bit had potential to be phunny, but due to technical glitches or incompetence Phil loses his mojo, and the bit ends with a resounding thud.

    This one registers soundly on the blowsometer … *sniff sniff* … Sauerkraut served hot in a warmed Andy Gump…. bon apetit

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    I think the FCC should get involved … the pilots were broadcasting profanity and hate-speech over the public airwaves! 🙂

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