Larry Grover tries to explain why the Supreme Court isn’t all that supreme sometimes. And Ted Bell gets crazy over the issue of rednecks using his fire pit… And of course, Frank Grey is out golfing while Phil is trying to interview him.

Episode 411 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    William E McEuen

    Greetings from Haiku-coo, HI…

    Longtime listener going back to [Lost] Angeles and Ventura production days.

    Phil, I’ve been a obcessive follower of creative radio since Orson Welles
    Mercury Theater broadcasts. Been lucky to have met and/or worked with
    some of our most gifted talents of the past 50 years. Met Winters, Woody,
    P. Paulson, S. Caesar, C. Reiner, S. Martin, R. Williams, O. Welles, Elvis,
    S. Freberg, Little Richard, C. Guest, P. Reuben, and blah, blah.

    Phil, I hold your hilarious comedy media genius equal or superior to above.

    Thanks for keeping us mid-Pacific types recalling how true comedy saves
    us all from suicide. Wouldn’t want to miss your brilliant future radio shows.


    William E. McEuen
    Aspen Film Society
    (An IndieProd iThang)

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    Don MacDonald

    Love Harvey Wireman’s newscasts. I’m waiting for Harvey, along with his daughter and granddaughter, to hit the road in a motor home in search of Harvey’s missing glasses. Along the way, Harvey does his newscast from points across America. Move over Charles Kuralt, here comes On the Road with Harvey Wireman.

  • Chris Kemp
    Chris Kemp

    You can get some great ice cream in the Beaches just up the street from the Balmy Beach Club.

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