Bob Green has to unload a big inventory of confederate flags and confederate flag coffee mugs. But how to do it without his customers seeing him as racist… Ted Bell doesn’t want to light the fire pit on the Ted’s of Beverly Hills back patio, but the tourists are insistent… Frank Grey tells what he knows about it…and it ain’t good.

Episode 410 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Conor Dickinson

    Wireman shtick could NEVER get old.

  • Paul Palfey
    Paul Palfey

    In regards to John Burton’s comment, yes, we are a bunch of politically correct, afraid to offend anyone weenies. This is why comedians Seinfeld & Chris Rock don’t want to touch colleges.

    It’s probably holding Phil back also…everything is potentially racist…..everything is potentially sexist…and, finally, everything can’t be made fun of.

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    Great show Phil! I like Harvey doing the news.

  • john burton
    john burton

    I was a little surprised at phils view on this redick flag issue. Now they want to literally destroy movies and tv shows and toy cars with a rebel flag on it. Before you know it pressure groups black Hispanic and gay (and womens groups, can’t forget them) will have Phil hendrie show in their slimy sights for censorship claiming that Immitating blacks(robert, his aunt Mavis etc), Hispanics (Dave oliva) gays (dowder) is offensive and insulting and it MUST end now. Think about it. There’s always a starting point and then the flames of political correctness BULLLLLLLSHIT grow evermore and EVERYONE is offended by some godam thing . This country is turning into one big pussy pile of pig shit.

    • Bonnie

      Taking the Dukes of Hazzard off of TV Land was totally out of hand. What’s next. But the day they censor podcasts, will be a very sad day in America.

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      Jason Mulvey

      It’s marketed as satire though. If ABC can have a show called “Fresh Off the Boat,” Phil can keep doing what he has been doing for decades.

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    Everett Cook

    Hendrie might not be ’30’s and ’40’s radio but there was this guy Edgar Bergen….Mr. Hendrie’s dummies are strictly imaginary..

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    Scott Maedke

    Well I guess Bob greene is all messed up. Wondering when Bobbie dooley is going to have her husband trim the hedges in the shape of a confederate flag. Since he is a wildly successful landscaper and all. Especially since Steve trimmed the hedges in the shape of bobbie”s Tits once before.

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    John Packwood

    Hey Phil, great shows yesterday & today!!! LMAO…

    The Wireman news schtick is getting a little tired tho…

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    Harvey doing the news? Too funny…

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