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Doug Dannger talks with General Shaw about a horror movie, “May,” that the General watched with his grandson. According to the General, the main character had “eye drift,” or lazy eye. Margaret Grey recaps her Snapchat interviews with Vernon Dozier and Dr Jim Sadler.

Then for the BSP Classic Hour, from June 3 2004, Vernon Dozier is a teacher who will ask a student to marry him as she comes off the graduation platform; he says she is 18 and legal.

Episode 656 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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    Eric Green

    Thanks for posting this classic episode. Absolutely one of the best shows you ever did Phil! It’s my standard episode I use to introduce unsuspecting people to the Phil Hendrie experience! One of the best all-the-wheels-come-off endings of any Phil show!

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    I’d be shocked if no one mentioned this already, but Doug Dannger understated the career of director Bob Clark, who did make some notable films after Black Christmas. In 1979 he directed the Christopher Plummer Sherlock Holmes mystery Murder By Decree, and in 1980 the Jack Lemon drama Tribute. He almost single-handedly invented the teen sex comedy in 1982 with Porky’s, which he wrote and directed. In addition to the other films in that trilogy, he directed Rhinestone, Turk 182, From the Hip, Loose Cannons, and both Baby Geniuses movies. His greatest contribution to film is his adaptation of Jean Shepherd’s childhood tales into the 1983 classic A Christmas Story. He had quite a career, but died in a auto accident on the Pacific Coast Highway in 2007.

  • Robert Pellicano
    Robert Pellicano

    Margaret: “You don’t wanna come at mama. Not when mamas’ in this mood.” YES!

    It would be funny to hear a parody of one of those franchise restaurants with the 17 adjectives to describe a burger…

    Great show as always! Thank you!

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    gary lewin

    Phil. I know you have a thing about the characters hanging up on you. However i was listening to an old show today and it is funny as hell when people hang up. I wonder if you might reconsider have them hang up once in a while. You are the best straight man since Jack Benny.

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