Phil was live at the Hollywood Improv last night, so we’re featuring a full classic show for today’s podcast from June 5, 2000.

Chris Norton reports on the Erotica LA Adult Entertainment convention, PTA President Bobbie Dooley promotes the use of a siren to notify kids when their grandparents are around, and Jeff Dowder calls in to talk about Joe Rogan, who he claims was crying on TV about how great the Lakers game was.

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  • Edward

    Very sessy

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    Gary Harper

    Visionary…How I would describe Phil Hendrie. Anyone with the forethought to journal his work, allow it to be judged over a period of time and press on to new frontiers… that my friends.. is huevos of 316 Stainless Steel.

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    Hi Phil……everyone I knew dresssed like Chriss at thossse High Sschool keggerss back in the ssseventiesssss…..jusss out lookin for some sess

  • Loren Keller
    Loren Keller

    Chris Norton, an all-time favorite: “I wore a yellow mesh tank top, I had black leather pants, I had my Tony Lama soft black leather boots, I had Oakley mirrored shades, shoe-shined hair, a hemp friendship bracelet, nice lookin’ Rolex. Two hundred bucks. I had a diamond stud in my ear. I have a tongue stud for oral sess and I have a diamond stud in my nose. And so I was ready to go and I looked hot. And I knew that I looked hot, you know?”

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