Classic Hour

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Talk Show Host Pete Bone interviews a political rival, Bob Nozzle, who comes to the studio and assaults Pete. Also guesting is candidate Elvis Shurrock. From June of last year.

The BSP Classic Show is from June 2006. Phil explains why his radio show is so strange. Phil saw a cop with his lights on today and most people didn’t pull over. Lloyd Bonafide asks Phil how he’s supposed to pull his R.V. over for a cop. Harvey Wireman debates football with a child named Brenda, Brenda knows a lot more about football than Harvey. Jeff Dowdder has hot oils to massage Phil’s neck. David Hall complains about a comment he heard on the air.

Episode 921 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • azdb

    lol…classic. vernon has the right to foster a close relationship with his female subway co-worker, because he is underpaid due to societal devalue of education. lol…all time classic.

  • Chris

    Was just thinking I would love to hear some more of Vernon enduring his side job at the sandwich shop!

    • Avatar

      Nothing beats Vernon talking about some of his students coming into the sandwich shop to tell him he’s got some mayo on his lip lol. The shakey Vernon voice (similar to Austin Amarka’s “aint nobody better say nothing bad about my mama, as she lay there, dying in childbirth, beautiful as the day she was born”. Fucking genius.

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