Guest host Rudy Canosa came on tonight….talking with callers about lovemaking including a guy named Paul who, along with his wife, is overweight and has wrecked a bed frame, box spring and mattress and now is considering sleeping on a cement slab.

Rudy also had Margaret Grey on to sing “Guantanamera” and “The Girl From Ipanema.” Frank Grey warned Rudy away from Margaret as Frank believes it was Rudy he saw clambering down from a bedroom window at the Grey mansion one night.

Harvey Weirman also made an appearance as well as Larry Grover and his mother Gloria who asked Rudy’s advice about Larry. She believes he is so “deep in the closet he’s a hat box….”

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  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    this is one of my favorites! I me some love Rudy

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    Diane Shalom


    absolutely brillant.
    please have Rudi guset host often!!!!
    masterpiece of hilarity
    Thank you Phil

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    Phil, have you ever thought about getting a MIDI control surface (like a mixing board with faders, but everything is virtual/digital) to automate some of your faders/phone effects? Ableton Live or Protools + a good Mackie or Avid control surface might make the tricky potentiometer acrobatics a lot easier

    (I am not an expert, just an amateur musician who’s fiddling with all this stuff and sees the potential for other uses)

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    August Spillers

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