Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police was the guest host tonight as he talked about the different procedures of the volunteer force. Major Elvis Newton made a rare appearance from a subcommander cruiser as he observed what he thought was a speeder. He and subcommander Pyvell tried to do a “frontal flare drop” but the speeder kept going around them before they could get the flares out. So on they’d go trying to get ahead of the guy. Finally it turned into a high speed chase with Major Newton and now subcommander Gleason (Pyvell had tried to strangle Newton earlier so he was ordered out of the truck) tailing the car right on its bumper. When they went around the side to get the drivers attention they found out he was a police officer. The tables were turned and Major Newton found himself being chased by the cop…

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    matt alltucker

    Great episode! Jay Santos, Major Newton, the bungled “flare drop”, I’ve never laughed so hard.

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    Trent Schulze

    Please just retire the character of Margaret Grey. Hearing you sing, badly, in a faux-woman’s voice, is just awful. It was barely funny the first 100 times you did it, and has lost all sense of humor now. Just put her to rest and don’t bring her back, ever.

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    lois grandstaff

    Ok I love it classic begining! Awesome I loved it.

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