Phil and Ted Bell get into it over whether promoting Ted’s hoodies is tasetful “given recent events.” Phil doesn’t think so but Ted thinks it is because he isn’t referencing just what he means by “recent events.” Margaret Grey meanwhile comes on to sing to promote the hoodie sales, butchering versions of “You Wear It Well” and “You Can Leave Your Hat On.”

Bobbie Dooley comments on anti-fur activists “flour bombing” Kim Kardashian in West Hollywood Thursday night. Bobbie feels the Kardashians “are trying to teach us that we’re smarter than animals so we can take what we need from them.” Bobbiwe claims the only reason why women are opposed to Kim Kardashian is because she’s beautiful. “Why don’t they protest someone who’s hard on the eyes like Barbara Walters.”

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    Nice Phil, you make the subject about not using the tragedy to sell hoodies but after I finish listening I suddenly really want to buy a Ted's Hoodie. Very nice.

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    Ha ha ha!

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    "Country Club Slut" is usually the Country Club owners "wifey" known
    better by all the (MALE) clientele as "THE 19Th HOLE"

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    Oh crap, that's a killer Colombo impression. That's crazy! @ 44:00 (in videocast pre-show).

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