Dr. Ron Tarner of the Mountain Meadow Observatory in Colorado talked with Phil about the “neighborhood watch vigilante” in his neighborhood who has “his nose shoved up everyone’s business.” In order to force a confrontation Tarner and his fiance and his friend “Dr. Melton” stripped and puttered around Tarner’s yard stark naked waiting for the neighborhood watch guy to say something.

Steve Bosell, excited about an upcoming Kiss and Motley Crue tour, went looking for his old Crue and Kiss t-shirts that he got as a teenager. They were gone. His wife April had “given them or sold them to…a Mexican.” Steve is questioned by aspiring LAPD officer and hispanic male Dave Oliva.

Also featuring tonight Jay Santos, David G. Hall, Vernon Dozier and Mrs Grover, Larry’s mom.

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    You go ahead and go to the can honey.
    -David G. Hall-

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    Oh man. Contratz!!! You're gonna be on NTSF:SD:SUV? That's so awesome! That show is amazing! Once again, congratulations, we can't wait to see you on there!

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