Show started with Phil doing a rant about the newly unveiled website design. At a quarter after, as usual, once a month, Dr. Micahel Stone joined us for ‘Crime Night.’ Dr. Stone talked about Green Beret Jeffrey MacDonald, convicted of killing his wife and daughters. He also talked about women that kill, particularly wives who kill for profit, the stud boy friend or because they’re nuts. The next hour we had Prof Emory Clayton who seethed on about the racism of the Tea Party movement and the racsim of a DC cop who asked him about his “Million Casket March.” (How are you going to march when you’re laying in a casket, asked the cop. Score one for whitey, said Prof. Clayton) Prof. Clayton sounded like such a dumb ass that David G. Hall had to come on the show in the final hour and try to smooth it out. Liberal blogger Jack Armstrong joined Phil in the last hour as well and became so uncomfortable that he screamed at a random woman near the phone he was using…and then the line went dead…


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    Phil- I love your show. You’re the best. That said, fire the donkey that’s posting the shows. When I don’t get a full 3 hours, I get cranky. Then I sweat and my pants fill with water. Steam bath!

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    Phil, I think this "new look" website might be closer to the vision you had almost a decade ago, when you were ranting about your site at the time…yeah, I’m a long-time fan who wouldn’t listen to radio at all were it not for your show…would love to hear your take on EFCA (Employee Free Choice Act) seeing as the Prez just made some "recess" appointments to the NLRB…great show as always….john

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    Hey Phil, extra long time listener, my Dad and I would listen to you back when i was was like 7 and you were in Miami, I’m 25 now, and have been listening every chance i got ever since.

    Keep up the stellar work

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    There seems to be a mix up on the Friday 3-26 shows. The webcast is fine obviously, but the 3 downloadable audio hours are wrong. Hour one is Harvey Wireman (which was actually from the night before), Hour two is Dr. Stone, and Hour 3 is Emory Clayton…no sign of the Jack Armstrong bit.

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    Really great to have you back Phil. I love some of the new characters, especially Ron Tarner ("we already had a mock-debate, and Al Gore cleaned up in it") and the coffe shop guy who goes table-to table discussing the daily issues with folks, and he is 65 years old with his grey ponytail and sandals!

    PS: next time you have Jay Santos on, please do, for the new listners, the description of Major Elvis Newton, only his silouhette in a lazy boy chair you can see in the back of the dark living-room, giving orders to Jay and his sub-commanders–HA!

    Love You Phil–

    Joe, thanks so much….

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    Phil, you’re hilarious. I quite enjoy the diversity of topics covered and how even with humor you reflect on actual talking points that exist in the mainstream.

    I, like Adam Carolla, like Jay Santos the most. I think Jay Santos speaks to the everyday person who takes themselves too seriously. How about playing around with conspiracy theories such as FEMA camps using Jay Santos? I’d love to hear caller outrage as Jay talks indifferently and matter of factly about FEMA camps and his future employment.

    heh heh heh

    Thanks Ken….Phil

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    Id bet RCs left nut that they aint back together.

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    "Yea Phil, did you marry Maria again? I heard you mention her name Fri night."

    He also referred to Maria as "my wife" instead of "my ex" in some commissary a few days ago.

    God I love listening to Phil while I work. So damn good to have him back.

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    Hello Phil..havent listened to you since you left doing your show a few years ago…Ha …I knew you would be back..and guess what I have been putting it off but now I’m back now. You used to crack me the hell up..Totally out your mind man…Got to be the funniest most creative people Ive ever heard. I used to let my friends listen as well we all had good laughs late nite 3rd shift..Anyway glad to be back a member and gotta go..lot of catching up to do. Thanks and Keep up the good work..
    A little demo male/ blk / Ga res./ 47 yrs

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    Yea Phil, did you marry Maria again? I heard you mention her name Fri night.

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    Love the new look Phil! I was wondering when the sight was gonna get revamped.

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    Spooge, he said "funky"

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    Bassett, please do me a favor and end yourself. The show is fine.

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    I keep getting signed out – without leaving the site. Grr.

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    I could be hearing things, but I was watching the VideoCast of this show and I think the F-bomb got on the air at 135:25

    Spooge, yeah, your hearing what you want to hear…

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    Is Phil remarried to Maria again?

    Dave, no, were just having a barbecue…Phil

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    Okay, I know I’m incompetent, but are the hours switched up in this download? Thursday’s was mixed up as well. Must be me, right?

    Chuck…I’m sending your question along. I could check but it might be a problem that has happened before,…Phil

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    Callin BS on O’reilly. He says the IRS is going to reguire you to tell them your health plan. I live in MA. We already essentially have Obamacare. Your insurance company sends you a form stating that you have the minimum reguired health insurance. You just stick it in your tax return. Sorry O’reilly, no late night phone calls from the men in black helicopters as phil calls em.

    P.S. Phil: I did like the first proposed plan better. I don’t see how requiring someone to buy my product is gonna drop the price. At least with the Public Option, it creates compitition. But i could be wrong.

    Scott, The insurance exchange, offering lowering priced plans, creates competition as well…that’s the thinking…O’Reilly is a functional imbecile..

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    i’m no genius and my p.c. didn’t come off the shelf this month, but the brightness is set to 100%, so maybe the webgeeks could learn not to put red wording on a black background. is it just me?

    Good thought…we’re having a meeting today and I’ll ask them…

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    Friday 3/26 hour #2 was mildly interesting, at best, and not funny. I believe that Phil should abandon the political comedy, it’s just not funny compared to his older stuff. What do you think?

    Mark, You’re wrong it had wildly funny moments including the end where he engaged a woman caller on his "Million casket March." Maybe you should listen to a different show..

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    I’ve looked all over for that song too but can’t find it! I also can’t find just the drop from the elf in the game Dragon Age Origins where he says "I was born of a whore and bred as an assassin!"

    Bobby, we pulled the drop from the game directly I beolieve–Phil

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    Hey I was wondering what that song was that you sometimes play that starts out "Whaaaaght a wonderfuuuul DAAAAAAY! Its an old gospel song and I lose it every time I hear it and I wanted to get the name of the song and the groups so I can find it.

    Henry, the song is by the Prophets Quarter, a gospel group and can be found on YouTube–Phil

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