Bob weighed in tonight on candy and it’s addictive nature when it comes to children…He prohibits selling candy to kids, will take it out of their hands and put it back and even brings his obese son to the store on Saturdays to sit on a stool with a sign around his neck reading: “Your kid will turn into this if he eats too much.”
General Gaylon Shaw said Michelle Bachmann saved him fom the bottle…….but when he found out she was married he had, what they call, a slip. He poured a glass full of Knob Creek in his kitchen one night and cried himself to sleep…..but then he crawled back out of the bottle and supported Ms. Bachmann without the sexual component. He claims that Bachmann, not Sarah Palin, is the true shining light of the conservative movement and that those people that went to see Palin this weekend in Nevada are knuckleheads…….or so he says….

David G. Hall thought Phil was being a tad racist with his remarks regarding Japanese anime so he devised a system triggered the song “Sukiyaki” if Phil was getting too racial about the Japanese..

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    Awesome. My Frazier Foods ad was used. Thanks, Phil.

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    Thanks for the classic first hour, Phil! This is exactly why I still listen to you, solid non-political comedy. Hearing Bob Green talk about his son as an "it" was like hearing some lost bit from your classic days. Please, MORE non-political humor!!

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    Glenn Miller did a great service in showing what hate speech actually is. You don’t need to read anything into what he said or project anything on it.

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    So… What is the big show news that you kept saying was coming? Did I miss it. or is it on mondays show. I haven’t seen anything on it yet.

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    Yep, I’m an ass…gee, that’s too bad. Before I comment, I’ll listen to the show. Still, you have to admit, the boob-screen might have been a nice touch.

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    Listening to your exchange with Jason. I wish I had listened live. Perhaps putting the junk food behind a screen with Hustler and Playboy, etc., and requiring an ID or adult supervision might have worked. At this point I don’t know where it went. So I may be full of it.

    You bloody fool

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    Mon 3/29 Hour # 1 was very funny, I actually shot 7up out of my eyes and nose at one point, I was laughing so hard.

    Thanks for the great classic comedy that brought you to where you are now, the #1 comedy show ever broadcast.

    P.S. My wife shoots soft drinks out of her nose also. That’s how much we love you…

    That means a lot mark. I do appreciate it (shooting soft drink from my nose)

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    The segment about KMBZ and that racist named Glenn Miller…nearly fell off my chair listening to that.

    Someone oughta fire that racist asshole Davis. I’m serious. I’ll bet that dickhead has canned plenty of people

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    Great 1st hour with Bob Green!

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    Bob Green and Doug Danger both believe in tough love, calling his kid a fat oaf seems completely rationale. Doug being being out of the closet for 3 weeks and being a gay man and gay journalist knows all about ridicule.

    He’s walked that long road

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