Phil introduced Nikki via Skype from the DC area. The crew talked about the continuing search for Malaysia Airlines 370. Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police was into his report when suddenly General Gaylen Shaw, angry for some reason, said he didn’t want to talk anymore to “this Mr. Santos from the Citizens Dick-suckery Police…”

Bud Dickman ran afoul of Margaret Grey for remarking that someone was good at “putting asses in seats and, if you will, asses on faces.”

Also The Stephen Colbert Report’s so-called offensive tweet was kicked around by Phil and Nikki. Some suit at Comedy Central tweeted some lame shit on the Colbert Report account and got Colbert in trouble, people thinking he was firing up a chapter of the anti-Chinese League.

Margaret Grey let Nikki know the phrases that carry strong double entendre and that she’ll have “none of.” They are: “blow by blow”, “that’s a mouthful”, “lickity-split”, “he’s a handful”, “they were licked”, “I beat the spread.” There are others, but you get the idea.

On the Bobbie Dooley Podcast, Bobbie demonstrates and also has a tape handy of the way she sounds when “Steve gives it to her good.”

Episode 87 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Robert

    Good, hard, rock solid, USDA prime 😀 !!

  • Avatar

    Phil – You are the MAN…no sidekick needed buddy… AT ALL.
    This is a win win situation for your audience, and for you saving money in not having to hire a sidekick.
    All the best, and keep up the GREAT work!

  • Avatar
    Chris Gerard

    God-fucking-dammit, Nikki is right in line with Phil’s political liberalism. I was hoping for someone to counter Phil for fucking once, but fuck it, it aint happening. Nice girl and all, I’m certain she’s a lovely person, but fuck it all.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    Agree Teresa, I had to turn it off was falling asleep. Worst show ever.

  • Avatar
    Austin Fleming

    Agree that Nikki did not add much to the regular line up. She seemed very nice and sweet but nice and sweet isn’t what makes your show great.

  • Avatar
    John North

    I think Nikki adds to the show. Hope she can be on more.

  • Avatar
    Kyle Heinlein

    “DC Regiment of Simulated Citizenry”. LMAO That was the best part of the entire show for me.

  • Avatar
    John Pace

    Must… make… it… through… episode…

  • Avatar
    Teresa McMullen

    I made it through 25 minutes. Borrring…

  • Avatar
    John Kamplain

    Have to agree with the other posts. I didn’t finish listening to the show. Nothing against Nikki, I’m sure she’s a nice enough DJ, but she didn’t add anything to the show other than distraction. Kinda felt bad for her, she’s over her skis in this format.

    Phil, you already have a sidekick for the show. You. You are the sidekick, and your “panel” are the hosts. Once you realize and embrace that dichotomy, everybody gets well.

  • Avatar
    Joshua Thigpen

    Not a good episode.

  • Karen Tullo
    Karen Tullo

    Not sure if the sidekick format works for your show. It’s ok for once in a while.

  • Avatar
    C H

    No disrespect, but too much Nikki.

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