Phil talked about the sorry state of Raleigh, North Carolina, according to one of the listeners, and how it continues to sink further and further into a morass of mind-numbing dullness.

Don Berman, channel 19 news anchor, discussed the CNN team of John Berman (no relation) and a rather large, female co-anchor and how it doesn’t come off well for Berman since he looks smaller and like he’s 12.

General Gaylan Shaw walked us through the history of the very obvious bowl-haircuts worn by Korea’s leaders, Justin MacElroy broke a friends anonymity by naming him as a person who tried to hack into some security systems surrounding a civil disturbance over the weekend…..even though he kept trying not to…. and Art Griego talked about his part in trying to locate the Dolby brothers near Catalina in 1988 only to identify two department store mannequins, one wearing high heels.

Episode 88 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Jeffrey

    All hail pay wall, I no get phil free no more.

  • Avatar
    Joe Stall

    Phil: I was listening to your intro on the show tonight, the internet using pc’s or smartphones vs. radio stations. The gentleman from NC had written you and wanted you to get on the radio in his area. Well, that made me think that a lot of us baby boomer generation have stuck to the old ways….like listening to talk radio, but still are interested in the internet, but are not getting the word. You should have your team make the old fashioned car or truck bumper sticker that advertises your show. You could use your standard bald head characature with the yellow star around it like you have on some of your cd’s. Then just something like Log on to the you’ll go freakin crazy with laughter or words to that effect. Then either sell them for a buck or give them away at times. Let the people who know about you spread the word with a bumper sticker. Hey, it can’t hurt to start small and see if your community membership goes up!

  • victoria thomas
    victoria thomas

    hell yeah on the anons exposing scientology. and yes they [$cientology] are more rich than ever, but man are they getting their asses sued off.

    i know all the reasons they are more rich than ever, but the sharks are smelling the blood in the water. laywers aren’t bottom feeders when there is fresh kill to be had.

    that motherufcking cult got hold of me and convinced me to spend money i could have bought a fine phd in the line of work that inspired me, counseling, psychotherapy, hands on healing. shit it didn’t matter. HELPING.

    the base evil of $cn. is it snatches up those selfless ones… we aren’t stupid culties. it is just their brand of brainwashing is particularily insidious.

    i even got to have an ecclesiastical forced abortion, whoo hoo. we have a planet to save here you stupid pregnant women.

    phil, there is no way i can see my little tiny type on the black background.
    and your site won’t remember me even though i launch it every night. (sorry margaret.)

    i became an anon, way cool cause i can barely type a damn comment in your box. (margaret, please add “box” on your list, it is so vulgar.

    thanks for not sucking scientologys dick like so much media have been doing for years.

    you are in top form phil. i like how you are doing that iphone,you tunes in, and thingy,
    (dean pitter), errrr, i mean a “friend”came over and showed me how to access it.

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