Special guest host tonight was Art Bell (celebrity voice impersonated) who spoke with Dr. Wizard Pink about the sinkholes and who lives in them.

Also General Johnson Jameson came on the show to discuss an epidemic of “invisible children” who pinch asses and drive pool cues up your you-know-what. General Jameson was looking to use his “nobulator” to identify and isolate them. Rickart Jones, an inventor with a ‘vee-HICLE’ that can ‘penetrate the pany-liner that separates this dimension from that one’ offered a demonstration of dimension travel. Hint: Once you enter another dimension a disembodied voice says “Hi there!”

Jeff Dowdder checked in from Mint Canyon as well

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    I was hyperventilating listening to this. Thank you Phil.

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    Michael McConnell

    Wow…….two solid hours of Art Bell, General Jameson and their various friends………….for me, this is about as good as it gets!

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    Randy Vaughn




    AND AS PHIL SAYS…”Full Metal Jacket (The Movie) was the best half of a movie I ever saw”.

    Because the first half was AMAZING, in Phil’s ART BELL show (here)there were 2-3 over the top peaks in the 1st hour or beyond; but actually it all was great, but the 1st hour was THE FUNNIEST SHIT PHIL’S DONE IN A LONG TIME.

    To ME it’s perhaps his BEST SHOW EVER…I mean it just doesn’t get any funnier than this.

    Congratulations Phil,

    Your BIGGEST Fan EVER!!!!

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    Michael Scales

    I don’t complaing much, but I’m just going to register the fact that I much prefer to hear Phil as Phil being the host. I don’t care for the “guest host” format. I respect Phil and admire his creativity, but it is because I like Phil’s on-air presence that I enjoy the show more when he hosts as himself. That said, I remain a supportive fan.

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    tom molina

    it sure was great to hear art bell again! great show phil!

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    the art bell show had me laughing my damn head off, it was like the best bits from the 2000’s art bell bits, but an entire show of that, it sounded hard to do because there was so much damn content

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    hahaha so my two new favorite characters are both bizarre castoffs from these guest hosts, Elvis Newton from the Jay Santos guest host, where he’s all sophisticated and fancy, and Wizard Pink who just fucking kills me

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    B L Owjabba

    Phil – I have been listening since 1996. I love your guest host format you have been doing lately. I agree with the other comments that this was one of your best shows.

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    Jeff Daniel

    Phil, As a 9 year devoted listener, one of the best shows I have ever heard. Well done. More Art Bell as host.

  • S Z
    S Z

    Love hearing “Art” and the boys again. So many blazingly funny characters! Hey Phil any chance you could resurrect Chef Carl Chowdillia from his last heart attack for a brief appearance? His baby Jesus pickle in the nativity scene debacle was priceless.

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    Nate Pavalko

    Awesome show Phil! Love to hear the craziness of Art Bell. Any chance of an Art Bell Podcast?

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    Lon Acree

    Was listening to O&A reruns and Opie was giving you some mad love Phil. Refreshing to hear. I love both shows greatly.

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    Bonnie Kliewer

    I agree. It was so funny I have to watch it again. It’s an instant classic.

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    One of the funniest shows ever. All 3 hours. Gold.

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