Ted Bell was the guest host. He commented on Phil’s pre-show melt-down that carried over to the regular show. Ted took over after the first break. Ted talked with Frank Grey about his favorite food at Ted’s (Shrimp Louie, Caeser Salad and Steak Diane…all entree’s with ‘people’ names…)

Later Ted talked with callers about the injury to college basketball player Kevin Ware, a gruesome compound fracture shown graphically on TV. “If I’ve got heavy cabbage riding on that game, you bet I want to see the injury. I want to see the world…all 69 states.” Ted also discussed how he learned honesty from his father who got beat up one night by a guy who’s wife Ted Sr. had made an impolite, but frank, remark to. He told her she had a great ass and was beat badly before buying the husband and the other two guys that had helped him drinks. Ted Jr. told a woman one night “I want to put my meat in your mouth,” in the sense of wanting her to eat a Ted’s of Beverly Hills steak but was knocked out cold anyway by her husband. “I was proud when I woke up though Phil. I saw people stepping over me going about the business of the restaurant. They didn’t miss an order!”

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    Can’t take callers a la the old format if there ain’t any. Putting Phil’s show up against Coast to Coast was a no-go, as Phil discovered. He’s doin’ what he’s gotta do to adapt.

  • Brian Sherrill

    Sounds nothing like Ted Bell.

  • Brian Sherrill

    I do agree with Bob. Phil needs to take callers when doing the characters. It would be much funnier.

  • Robert Dunmire
    Robert Dunmire

    Thanks Gomez.Glad you liked it.


    @Robert…I’ve seen the sorry amateur little thing you call a podcast you just sit there sucking on a beer getting falling down drunk talking to yourself you’re pitiful
    watching a toddler run around in a circle, is a thousand times more entertaining then you

  • Lon Acree

    @Dunmire: Where can one go to hear your talk show so it can be compared to the product Phil Hendrie puts out. It’d better be good, yes?

  • Robert Dunmire
    Robert Dunmire

    Calvin if Phil farted you’d smell it.I’m entitled to my comments even if you don’t like them. Name calling is a sign of insecurity. Listener feed back is a form of a constructive criticizing tool.Phil doesn’t need you to defend him or the show. What show do you have? I have my own show. So I know what I’m talking about, have a nice day Cal.

  • Charles Parker
    Charles Parker

    I like how he says – you can get the truck out of here!
    Turn off everything, lol

  • DJF

    Art Bell on Friday was a masterpiece.

    Going from rage off the air to Ted Bell is MORE Phil Hendrie genius.

    James Brown was the SECOND hardest working man in show biz, Phil, you are #1, and I swear to God, the funniest Mother Grabber I have ever heard. Don’t let the radio dicks get you down, you keep many of us from giving our glocks a blow job.

  • Calvin Kaiser

    Nice squirrel, weirdo.

  • Robert Dunmire
    Robert Dunmire

    P.S. I thought this is a comedy show ? I didn’t laugh at any of it. Not funny. Sucked. You can do a lot better I hope. I know 6.99 is cheep but come on! All the years you have done this show, you listen to this and you will say it sucks to I hope. The Art Bell was not as good as it could have been. You need to take time and prepare for the show.Bob

  • Robert Dunmire
    Robert Dunmire

    I wish you would take some callers. I think that would keep peoples attention more. The pod casts were funny with the callers I know I laughed my ass off . I know I said this a lone time ago when you stopped the callers. Thanks Bob

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