Bob Green , the CEO of Frazier Foods, a large retail grocery chain in the southwest and southeast, joins the show tonight to talk about the Mega-Millions jackpot. Selling the winning ticket to a blue-collar or homeless person can mean humiliation for a guy like Bob as he goes from being a role model for that person to being his “house slave.”

With Ted Bell, Lloyd Bonafide, Bud Dckman and Robert Leonard…

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    Hi, it's Monday jackass.

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    Phil: 4 strait shows in concession? Time for a break,I predict no show on Monday and Thursday.

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    Muting sucks. What good is a BSP when in a day or so you can listen to free stream. Video is not worth watching. What am I paying for? Really it's not the money. It stinks the video is mostly garbage. That not why I subscribed to it. But the video show stuff that was the meat of the show is gone. And I guess if it doesn't change so I go to ! Bob

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    I was watching twelve angry men
    and a juror stated "maybe we should look at the evidence before we convict the kid". Who happened to be latino accused of murder.

    Then the angry bald guy on the jury yells "what is wrong you people he killed the old man. I don't need any more evidence."

    Hey Phil why didn't you tell us you costarred with Henry Fonda in the 12 angry men:

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