Professor Emory Clayton is Phil’s guest tonight as he discusses his belief that the neighborhood watch is dead in America. he himself has stolen “hundreds of dollars worth of stuff” from his neighbors to prove the point. His neighborhood has a very active neighborhood watch group and h hasn’t been caught yet. Plus no one would dare confront him anyway as that would be “racial profiling.”

Don Berman tries to use the fact that no man he has ever interviewed admitted to doing anything “depraved” in order to get into bed with a woman as proof that people always lie when being asked “poll questions.” Bobbie and Steve Dooley call in with their “liquid butter” story but by then Don feels singled out and hurt.


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  • paddyandpeanut

    I like the music in the pre-show – it is better than muting. I am being selfish here because I listen to the videocast at work and I'd rather have music than nothing.

    Anyhoo, YAY, MAVIS <3

  • Avatar

    You're "special"? No, Mr. Hendrie, you're a DICK. But you're also an aDICKition, so I can't stop staring at your mug and listening to this stuff. I don't know what that make me.

  • Avatar

    Pre-show music is better than being muted….enough with the muting, what is the point.

  • Avatar

    I love this show. Comic genius.

  • Avatar

    Please get rid of the music in the pre-show.

  • djf750

    Still genius.

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