Our show kicked off with David G. Hall, initially on to talk about the economy as the Vice-President of Syndication for the Phil Hendrie Show. Instead, David took exception to opinions expressed by Phil pre-show that a picture of an American flag by a child in Massachusetts should have been taken down by the teacher because the child was disobeying. David asked the audience to join him in the opinion that it was pure anti-Americanism by the teacher.

Vernon Dozier, high school teacher, told Phil he is renouncing pornography since it was discovered Bin Laden had a stash and said all Americans should. Vernon claimed to have told his students that he was giving up his B&D movies and he told them he can tell just by looking at them which of their parents are into porn. First, any couple where the woman is taller than the man. Also any single parent. And couples where the father is Asian and the mother Anglo. “They’re up to their ears in filth.”

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    "Boy…this gonna to be tough…". Love it.

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    I havent been able to download since yesterday…..sent a support email this morning. Cmon guys hurry up and fix if you can….im anxious to get my daily fill of Phil!

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    Unable to download…??? Bummer!

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    Hey phil unable to download the shows from the website. Says unable to download.

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    Yup, can't download. 🙁

  • paddyandpeanut

    ok, good, it's not just me who can't download… or get the video? After I was done watching/listening to Thursday's videocast I couldn't play Friday's. I thought my job was playing a nasty trick on me!

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    Gotta be able to download the damn thing and listen to it in order to give an opinion.
    Gettin a bit tired of crap not working.
    Does Bud run the website? Or maybe Jay is limiting the number of downlads because too many people will get over excited at one time and cause some sort of global Phil phenomenon.

    Can't download the damn show … AGAIN!

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    What's up with the videocast?

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    I was thinking the same thing about Fred! HAHAHAAAA!
    Plus, Phil I need to hear from Lloyd Bonafide. For the love of GOD!!

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    not even 10 min in, but just me, or is Fred actually Jeff Dowder?

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    Hey Phil, the audio does suck, but i am glad! Elaine is smoking hott! hope the problems continue and she has to show up..


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