Tonight Steve Bosell tells us he got called into his daughters school again, this time because she overheard him say he wants to see the Bin Laden death photo. Steve put up with the usual abuse from the liberalized children of CK Corona School but for the first time admitted to wanting to throw Bradley, the know-it-all 11 year old, from his car at a high speed. He also gave us insight into “Mrs Proctor” the school principal who never speaks, always wears a commencement gown and once called his home at night just to be heard breathing into the receiver.

Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police joined Phil in his second hour to explain why there has been a rash of people on airliners “going crazy” and trying to open cabin and cockpit doors. Jay feels it’s some kind of Osama-inspired psychosis but not serious. More serious, says Jay, is attempting to restrain those people. Their “hysterical adrenaline” may kick in and they will have enough strength to tear the door off and “suck everyone out of the cabin!”

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    The audio on most of the videocasts is never consistent. I often switch to screaming (sic) audio for better listening.

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    I think it'd be great for the next Steve bit if Mrs. Proctor or Bradley called in. I imagine Bradley as a slightly older, Village of the Damned version of Logan Benson.

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    What's up with the audio on the video cast

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