Hour One:

Lloyd Bonafide has a real problem with the Saddam Hussein underwear picture. When women get a look at “what he got” they may soften their views toward the dictator.

Hour Two:

Clara Bingham plays cow sound effects, laugh tracks and other insulting noises when overweight children come on campus in order to get them to cry to their parents about it. It’s then that Clara can confront these parents who, with every plate of flapjacks they serve, say “I Hate You” to their children.

Hour Three:

Phil reads e-mail…Phil says that the Saddam underwear shot is simply reflective of the American “practical joker” nature….Bud swears that Bruce Lee just delivered Chinese food to the studio….Darth Hall comes on to berate Phil’s umpteenth “Chinaman” crack….The Jim Rome Show features Romey’s Grandma Ruthie complaining about how Jim is always putting the touch on her for money…..Phil blathers some more about how he’s going to sue the FCC…..Phil comes back from a break and talks about doing his FCC related business sitting on the floor in the morning at his house, drinking a giant cup of coffee, smoking a Marlboro and wearing nothing but pajama bottoms while his neighbors yell at each other outside….

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