Hour One:

Jeff Dowder calls the show with some messed up “Bill Hendrie Show” theme song….Doug Dannger reports on the new fall TV schedule including the new NBC sitcom, “Daddy, Please Don’t Do That”…….Darth Hall calls to tell Phil not to be so easy on prison inmates wrongfully convicted….Tsunami Sam sings a blues tribute to the new LA mayor…

Hour Two: Dan Gladly from the San Diego Zoo talks about peacocks….Darth Hall calls to bust Phil about his peacock discussion with the FCC heat on…..Phil talks about the last issue of Newsweek being made of two-ply for easy reading and wiping….Dodger baseball: Rick Monday comments on how good some players look not wearing a jockstrap…Phil talks about how lonely life is as a Star Wars freak…..Phil discusses his upcoming lawsuit against the FCC….

Hour Three:

Vernon Dozier has a website dedicated to his Belmar Academy water polo team…filled with pictures of hunky young guys in Speedos “that might give some pre-menopausal mother a lousy thrill. Big deal.”

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    I miss Dowder calling Phil “Bill Henry/Bill Hendy/Bob Hendry”

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