Hour 1:

The Phil Hendrie Request Flashback Show! Featuring classic clips by request, including… Harvy Wireman and Jeff Dowder Ride the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland… Vernon Dozier: No Crying On The Team… Margaret calls Syria Looking For Saddam Hussein… Raj Faneen “Saw An American”… Steve Bosell: James Bond Villians and Bin Laden.

Hour 2:

More Requests including: Bob Greene: Where’s The O.J.?… Tsunami Carwash… Vernon Dozier: Water Polo… Mavis Leonard on Black Quarterbacks… RC Collins: Afraid of the Dirty Bomb…

Hour 3:

Phil Takes Orange Sunshine… Jeff Dowder’s Acid Trip… Bobbie Dooley: Bobbie’s Breast Bushes.. Ted Bell “Wooden Leg”… Lloyd Bonifide “I Gotta Boogie”… and Jay Santos “Sex Offenders BBQ’ing With Victims”

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