Hour 1:

Bobbie Dooley is on tonight to discuss how the 25 most popular kids in her kids school received death threats. Bobbie is having a hard time dealing with this, her kids were not on the list. Bobbie’s main issue; she feels her kids were excluded because they were not popular enough.

Hour 2:

Bob Greene calls in to discuss the Carolina Panthers news story. Two of Bob’s checkers were discussing the news story, then immediately went to the bathroom together. Bob was very worried and had no idea what was going on…callers believe his actions are not that of a C.E.O. Tune in too find out just what Bob did.

Hour 3:

R.C. Collins calls in to tell Phil he is watching the webcast. He is driving to North Carolina in a Dodge Magnum, He wants Phil’s advice on how to get out of it. R.C. hates the car and thinks it looks like a beaner mobile. Phil plays a flashback called Clara threw a cell phone from 5-6-05. Raj Faneen calls in to discuss his new website. It has Egyptian photos. He wants Phil to give him a cheap plug, maybe Phil can help him get more hits!

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