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Monday, November 14, 2005

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Hour 1:

Dean Wheeler is on to talk about his colleague. He believes he is racist for asking for a place setting at a local Chinese restaurant. Callers are outraged because asking for a fork does not make you a racist.

Hour 2:

Clara Bingham joins Phil and talks to him about Kerry bumper stickers. She believes it is discouraging for teachers when the kids see them. Clara believe it confuses the kids about who really is President. Callers are outraged she is even a teacher with such a crappy attitude.

Hour 3:

Ted Bell is on with Phil and he is upset. Peter Maddox the cancer patient lived. Ted donated money to him thinking he was terminal. Callers believe he is an idiot for asking for the money back. One caller tells Ted that he has no idea what kids with cancer have to go through.


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