Hour 1:

Ted Bell is on to discuss why he flipped off a van with a Jesus fish. Ted claims the man in the van called him a bitch. Tune in to see what the audience thinks of Ted’s mishap.

Hour 2:

Justin McAlroy comes on to discuss Robert Blake. He was ordered to pay Bonnie Lee Bakely’s family $30 million dollars. His question to Phil is how much would he make if his Mom got murdered? See what happens when Lloyd Bonafide calls in to talk to Justin. Phil plays a flashback called “Tell me to put my cigarette out featuring Doug Danger” from 11-18-04.

Hour 3:

Neil Ilia is on to discuss his filming of fires. Recently while he was filming a burning house a man ran out and Neil did not bother to help him. See what happens when callers are outraged by his actions, and they begin to get upset.

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