Hour 1:

Phil opens the show discussing, a fan forum for the show. Phil plays a flashback called “Sing Radio with Barry Brazier.” Bob Bakian calls in to tell Phil he is flying over Hollywood. He says he saw Bono leave in an ambulance and assumes he’s headed to a mental hospital. Beau Gibson is on tonight with his show Gibson On The Line. He is discussing Gary Glitter and how he got busted for having sex with a 12 year old child in Vietnam.

Hour 2:

Don Berman joins Phil to discuss his Thanksgiving teen night. See what happens when Don discusses his idea for a perfect Thanksgiving, and how he plans to celebrate with the teens.

Hour 3:

Chris Norton calls in to discuss with Phil about NogLip. He warns all of the listeners about drinking it over the holidays and believes it might make you look gay. R.C. Collins and Vernon Dozier call-in to have Phil join their roundtable about Harry Potter. See what happens when Vernon tells R.C. he loves Harry Potter.

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