Hour 1:

“Real Heroes” Steve Bosell tells his story about about an ATM that dispensed $3700 in cash which he decided to return to the bank. Steve considers himself a hero, that’s why he’s calling in to radio and television show today.

Hour 2:

“Phil Walks Off the Show” After program director David G. Hall enters the studio to tell Phil he doesn’t want him doing any material about the confederate flag, Phil storms off the air and David is forced to host the show!

Hour 3:

Phil apologizes to David G. Hall and Karel & Andrew about comments he made in the previous hour. Joe Dickhead and the Professor join the program in one of their most clueless pick sessions. “Winner Recap” Bobbie Dooley calls in to talk about the first winner on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” while her husband tries to seduce her. Darryl Webber’s Funky Chicken Cacophony closes out the show!

  • TwiceRemoved77

    The first 3 minutes or so of Hour 1 include Phil running over a story he’ll use for Steve Bosell and Bobbie Dooley, probably as the news ran on the air.

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