Hour 1:

“Paper Clips and Rubber Bands” While attempting to discuss the topic of the hour, Phil’s old engineer Mike Crozier begins flicking paper clips and rubber bands at Phil in the middle of the show. David G.Hall tells Phil he needs to take it like a man!!

Hour 2:

“The Nouveau Rich” Margaret Gray joins to program to speak about the incredibly awkward and embarrassing ways that people who fall into money spend it.

Hour 3:

“Thanksgiving Dilemma” Chris Norton calls the show for help with a moral dilemma: he wants to attend Thanksgiving dinner with his girls family, but he doesn’t want her to think they’re getting serious!

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    Hour 1 is sadly prophetic of the TRN years. Phil trying to do his show in the face of a company actively working against him, all the while telling him “oh come on, calm down”

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