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    PIZZA KILLER (aka DAN): I wish Phil would take MORE days off!


    You ask "when was the last time you DIDN'T enjoy an hour of the show?"

    Are you serious? Every night I listen to the show in a chat room with about a dozen other Phans from all over the country. These people are all BSP holder and dearly love Phil.

    And we ALL AGREE – the show has gone way downhill. It's not that Phil is less talented – he's as brilliant as ever – but he's just not putting a whole lot of WORK into making a good show.

    You listen to just about any show in the archive (2006 on back) and you'll hear a show chock full of variety – 2 or 3 character bits, calls from David Hall, Art Bell, Skippy & Frank, live remotes, etc etc. These were all funny and clever and made better use of the talk radio format for comedy than anyone in history.

    But now, most nights we get ONE bit stretched out over 2 hours, then an hour of off-the-cuff ranting.

    And most of the bits aren't very compelling! Thanks to the BSP (I almost wish I didn't have it) I could see Phil try to prep his entire show 20 miniutes before air. That's just not enough time to mine the headlines and reallly find the twist or unique point of view that only Phil has.

    On proper bits you can just TELL that Phil had really thought it through, with new information being doled out so that more and more of the chatracter's motivations became clear. This escalation of info really lets a bit keep building and building; there really is a sort of loose structure to Phil's character bits (whether he realizes it or not) but that sort of bit requires time to think.

    So, for whatever reason, Phil has elected to phone it in (ha) lately. And it shows. It hurts. All of us in the chatrooms are bummed that all this talent is going to waste. The show has gotten less and less funny and we – his most passionate fans – are getting bored with it.

    SO STOP LISTENING Phil would say. Dude, is that REALLY the right atrtitude? You always say you do the show for listeners, not callers, and they are two very distinctive groups. Now your LISTENERS are becoming disenfranchised, but we hang in there becuase if Phil gets back on his game, we want to be there to see it!

    If these people are telling you it ain't working, do you want to say STOP LISTENING or do you want to START listening? If this is something you keep hearing, why not mull it over, try and be objective and see if they have a point.

    And let's be real – Phil's a smart guy and very psychologically aware. He KNOWS he's not really trying and when he yells at people who criticise him, most of that hostility is him being angry at himself for dragging his heels.

    But hey, it's ok, many of us have been there. It's common for people to put themselves on a self-destructive path; even when you're sinking and people are throwing you ropes, you just keep your arms folded and sink. That will show 'em!

    But eventually, and hopefully before it's too late, we snap out of it, grab a rope and thank god we still have a few people who care and want to see us succeed.

    And many of us ALSO know what it feels like to be stuck in a job that we checked out of years ago. It doesn't matter how many fans we have and how often we hear people telling us how great we are, WE feel like shit because, despite the outward appearence of success, we know we've been coasting, cashing a pay check and doing nothing to further the OTHER career we desire…

    And so again, eventually we have to make a choice – you either go down with the ship, bitter all the way and with a ton of regret for not pushing ourselves further – OR, you snap out of it, get to work and make it happen.

    And part of that process is to embrace – not reject – the career that made us famous and the fans that helped us get here. I mean let's face it – you're still going to be at that day job for a while, even while you work at getting away from it – but the choice is yours to either phone it in and not care, or dive back into something that not only are you the BEST at, but something that once gave you a LOT of pleasure and happiness.

    So Phil, choose to go out on a high note! Fingers crossed, that Modern Family gig will go well and the snowball will slowly build into your acting career. But while you;'re still doing this show, why not find a way to make yourself excited about it again? Experiment with the format, find things you've always wanted to do, mess with things. You're DAMN good at that!!

    But you've honed and sharpened this incredible talent, it really does suck to let it linger. As an immensely creative person, you should challenege yourself with the puzzle of figuring out how to turn your radio show into something you once again enjoy doing.

    And the positive feelings from that will obviously spill over into every other aspect of your life and make everything happy and peppy and bursting with love (I bet you'll get THAT reference).

    I've worked with guys who were bitter about their careers and it sucks – I promised myself I wouldn't let it happen to me. But now it IS happening to me, so I'm finally trying to turn the ship around and finally DO something to sidestep into another career.

    And as long as i'm actually doing SOMETHING positive in that regard, it makes me feel better about everything in general, which makes me want to do a better day job, which results me enjoying work again, which leads to a better show, which leads to people telling you how awesome it is again, which makes you happier, which makes you someone that people want to work with which helps you get the gig you REALLY want.

    Repeat as often as necessary.

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    "What do you call a Priest lecturing to an alterboy????"

    "The Sermon during the mount"" you see,, we heal with hu mor Phil/////////////// Phil?????????????……………………….

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    what did the priest say to the bishop??????

    "Is it my turn?"

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    Jesus, that was a really long message, Mojo! Way to rant, bro. 🙂 See you tonight on chat?

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    Lee Harvey Oswald wasn't a mass murderer. He was an assassin or a patsy depending on who you ask.

    I thought Herb Sewell was supposed to be educated?

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    Why can't you give us a summery or what "best of" show. like when the show aired,what is the topic,? And put the video link up. Unless its a muting show well,then forget the video!

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    why do mass murderers always have cool two or three names…. Lee harvey oswald…. Charles Chiat Ng,,,,, Robert thomas lyel….. Jim jimco,,, Randall george toomey,,,,,, Herbert Sewell,,, Walter Bellhaven….jim pennifer….. and why the hell is Tinkey Winkey the only Teletubbie that carries a purse?

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    Phil Lines: "Martha Stewart is trying to make me,.;;;;; a gay"
    You know what its like to drink from a beer mug that doesnt match my place mat??"
    "Cant we all give those mean mean terrorists,, a Swedish Milk Facial"
    "Make Chili,, not war"
    "I blacked out ,, then woke up with a handfull of bowel haircut"
    "I told my nephew to go "stinky" in the hole i dug in the backyard"

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    Phil…… one word for ya………… "Caruthers"

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    OK, I have been a Phan since he came to LA in 1997 or whenever. You all need to give Phil a GD break when it comes to days off. I honestly don't care if the cat takes a day off, he freaking deserves it. TRN seems to constantly screw him over and it is all he can do to get in the studio and put on 3 hour of Comedy Gold. When is the last time you have not enjoyed an hour of the show? It isnt like we listen because it mostly blows and once in awhile it is good. It is ALWAYS good. Just chill out and let the man recharge his batteries. I would rather have him take a night off then give us forced comedy.

    Phil, you rule.

    BTW Phil, remember the time you were in Burger King in Koreatown and you gave the beggar a buck, but then after the beggar saw you had more money in your wallet he asked for more? The look on your face was priceless, I will never forget that.


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    Phil is worse than Hitler for taking days off.

  • blouseclowns

    I will but I don't know why I'm going to.

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