Tonight Jay Santos explained why he was asking people the simple question “What are you doing here” as they stood in line for Black Friday sales when everyone is supposed to be broke. Then Dr. Ron Tarner complained to Phil about how his son and his ex-girlfriend almost lost their place in line on Black Friday trying to help a guy who died of a heart attack. “The guy got out of a car with Virginia license plates,” said Ron. “All that grease he was eating did it!”

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    Good move using "real" callers again, (assuming they were always available before). It adds a whole new dimension hearing the great characters work spontaneously with callers.

    I hate to hear a great Bobbi Dooley episode without her irritating some callers while they try to speak.

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    Oh and Phil, about that studio fan – we couldn't hear it, but you need to keep yer mouth shut long enough for us to be sure 😉

    And if you take off that fucking black hoodie you MIGHT not get as hot!!!

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    Really liked the improv news report at the end, Phil. Love those little "mini bits." Miss them.

    Oh yeah and I knew about the Cool Hand Luke music! First time I saw it I freakout out and screamed "news music!" too.

    But here is the real question: did they choose that music because it sounded like news music, or did the use of that music CREATE what the public would identify with as "news sounding music?" I'd bet it's the latter.

    Oh, and the way it would have worked is the Eyewitness News producers would have had to pay royaltees to the composer of the CHL soundtrack every time it was played on TV (unless they worked out a deal for one lump sum in advance).

    Regaredless, I'll bet one thing is true – that little snippet of music probably made him more money than every soundtrack he ever wrote!

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    Phil, thanks to your explanation of sociopaths, I now think my little brother may be one. I've always told people about how I've never heard him have any remorse for any of the many things he's done wrong, He NEVER takes responsibility for anything. It's always someone else's fault but never him.

    Anyway, great show tonight! Really loved the Jay Santos bit.

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    I wonder if any callers who were screened out mentioned Dr. Ron Tarner could not have seen the Charger – Bronco game in Denver, because it was in San Diego.

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