Robert Green came on the show in the first hour to explain his statement “Tell the lesbians Bob Green is coming and hell follows with me.” He said it was simply to state his awareness that there may be a “lesbian cell” operating in his grocery stores and that he won’t let it stand…

Margaret Grey talked about the need to “gut like a fish” American corporations that move overseas and Mavis came on to actually sing a song she wrote about “gutting” American companies, sung to the tune of the Hokey Pokey” called “Gut ‘Em Like A Fish.”

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    Hey JohnJomtien

    Phil seems to be an obama supporter. He has said so in the past and has stated his reasons. Personally I dont agree, but hey its his opinion. His characters in the show will reflect that.
    However the addition of Margaret has made this show even more histerical, and phil generally seems more interested in topics that are humerous rather than political. So as long as its funny, my BSP money is well spent!

    Keep it up Phil!

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    Some of your guests seem to be seriously changing their stripes. Recent examples: Mavis came down very liberal and anti-Romney with her "gut the corporations" song. Previously she was very anti-Obama (pronounced to rhyme with Alabama).
    Steve, when heckled about getting aroused slow-dancing with a guy, called a company meeting to explain, rather than suing everyone.
    On another note, as commented above, the word Lesbian was derived from the Greek Island of Lesbos. Lesbos was the home of Sappho, a female Greek poet who wrote of love for women.
    –From a loyal listener on the other side of the planet.

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    omg margret with the music…keep it up phil love the direction you are taking the show…by that i mean i have no friggin idea whats gonna happen any givin night

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    To be fair though, Lesba is very close in spelling and pronunciation to the very real island of Lesbos, where the term lesbians comes from. Margaret really wasn't far off the mark.

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