Hour 1:

Lloyd Bonafide is having trouble understanding why his house gets toilet papered every Halloween, when he tells trick or treaters to “Get the hell off my property, and never come back”.

Hour 2:

Chris Norton says he’s been caught having sex with married women by the husbands many times, but he’s always been able “to cool them out”

Hour 3:

Phil continues his conversation with Chris Norton. Joe Dickhead and the Profssor make football picks. Daryl Weber and the Funky Chicken Cacophony Liquor Jamboree Show. Daryl’s wife broke another chair at the beauty salon, and fell through a man’s house after coming down a ski slope.

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    Hendrie is incredibly versatile.

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    I want to download Art Griego about the JFK Jr plane crash.

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      Why no Art Griego audio archives

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