Hour 1:

Phil talks about the hourly rating numbers, the death of pro golfer Payne Stewart, and Disneyland.

Hour 2:

Doug Dannger discusses the internet auction of the eggs of models. He is in favor of the idea, because children get all of their intelligence from the father anyway.

Hour 3:

Warren Benman enjoys parachute BASE jumping, and talks about when he fell 150 feet while repairing a transmitter tower light. RC Collins gets shot my his mom while calling in to talk about a website that shows Florida executions.

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    the third hour…both Warren and R.C….is one of the best Hendrie hours i have heard. absolutely wonderful.

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    Shit, I miss the days of RC having to sneak into his mom’s room at night to jump on the internet, taking 30 seconds to type out a 9-letter web address. Poor RC man, he just wanted to see those pics!

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    warren did the light get replaced? was it red or white!

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