Bob Green is in St. Louis for the World Series and files a report for the show. But he’s more concerned with the $25,000 he dropped on the Texas Rangers and the fact he’ll have to lay off a couple of checkers at Frazier Foods because of it

Art Griego recounts his days as a charter pilot flying professional sports teams around and the trouble he got into with them. He also tells the story of “The Tail Gunner,” a pilot known for sexual escapades that is misidentified as “Rocky Bulger,” a porn star.

With Daryl Webber, Jeff Dowder, Monica Grover, Larry Grover…

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    The Art Griego bit was by far the funniest Phil has put out in a long time. What was the secret? Who knows. But whatever stars or circumstances aligned temporarily made for one spontaneously funny bit!

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    You're reading the wrong section. Plenty of comments on this show in the other section…

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    The comments have really dropped since I've been away. Maybe it's time for me to stir up some controversy again. How's this for a start: Great show as always, Phil!

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