Ted Bell from Ted’s of Beverly Hills doesn’t think people with low incomes should be allowed to win lotterys since all they’re going to buy with the winnings are velvet dogs-playing-poker paintings or spend the money on illicit activities like betting on dog-fights…

Margaret Grey was boosting a doctor from Arizona who was banned from a number of area McDonalds because she claims to have found unsanitary conditions at the McDonalds “Play Places.” Margaret told Phil she herself was in a “ball pit” at a Chuck E. Cheese when she decided to climb out, feeling she was covered in infectious microbes. Walking with her arms out and her legs spread wide, she was approached by a TV producer and offered a part in a movie western because she was walking “bow-legged.”

With David G. Hall, Lloyd Bonafide, Brad Rivkind, Charlie LeFountain and Dr. Jim Sadler…

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    Holy God that was funny… the whole night was great

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    A sizzilin' night. You 'n Ted Bell in fine form.

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    Phil get a real thunder bolt. I have it! With your'e money why don't you have it?It's the best you can get!

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    Your'e producer always has the answer. I think, it maybe , i'm not sure, it could be, ya it probably is, I'll check it out, Other than getting any intelligent info from Fred, Your'e show was very good, Almost better than tonight! Almost. Take callers! That will do it!! But who am I to give advice. Fred has your'e back. I did like the show, You have the grove on,but you can do better, But still very funny! Dan? he has a my vote to take over the duties .Dan may be the man to make it work! Just a fellow radio host that likes Phil and wants him to stay on the air!! Is that so wrong?

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    Bob, what station is your radio show on?

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