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Friday, October 8, 1999

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Hour 1:

"There Was No Buggerization" Phil talks about the buzz on Jesse Ventura. Clara Bingham lends her two cents about Jesse and his supposed derogatory comments about black people and religion. She believes that Ventura should be recalled because his comments are more offensive than President Clinton's sexual behavior in the White House. After all, President Clinton only received oral sex, he didn't engage in "buggerization" or "sodomization," which is the only sexual act that would get him impeached. Ventura saying religion is for weak-minded people is far worse.

Hour 2:

"Defamed" Chris norton calls to discuss his dating record and how he has had a date every Friday night for the past eight years. Tonight, however, the date canceled on him because her mother is sick. Chris offered to come over with some porn to watch while they were taking care of her mother so as to keep his streak alive. She refused and now Chris is seeking legal action because her canceling on him hurts his image with his friends.

Hour 3:

The PHS presents... Joe Dickhead & the Professor's NFL Picks! Austin Amarka wants to know where Phil stands on the issue of Creationism vs. Evolution. RC Collins chimes in!


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