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Monday, October 11, 1999

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Hour 1:

"Abortion Deadline" Dave Oliva tells Phil that his girlfriend is pregnant and they are thinking about having an abortion. Dave says that if Phil's listeners "step up to the plate" and help with some money, they might be persuaded to keep the child.

Hour 2:

Phil rants about domain name registration issues and judge tv shows. The PHS presents... Interesting Tidbits with Mavis Leonard. Tonight's topic: Who is as queer as a three dollar bill? Mavis comes down to the studio and hits Phil in the face.

Hour 3:

"Your Show Sucked!" After some unprofessional problems on the air and discussions on uninteresting topics, David G. Hall calls in to figure out what Phil's issues are in his usual abrasive manner. He is then berated by callers as he continuously insults Phil on air instead of off the air. David says his word is that of God at the station and Phil can forget about bringing David to the labor board because he'll never work again if he does.


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