Bobbie Dooley discusses her ideas to make America safer, especially in flight. Nerve gas released by the pilot, axes and machetes hidden with the flotation devices and cockpit doors made of iron. Bobbie also and inevitably talks about who’s kid gets to survive…her’s, the one left at home or yours, the one on the plane. Naturally your kid gets nerve-gassed.

Next up Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police tells Phil that the magic words he uses to frisk or ‘spread” people are “Turn around, put your hands on your head and shut your pie hole.” Jay says that if those words are spoken with “the voice of authority” then the people will do just that and hence give their consent. Jay also says his ace-in-the-hole is that it’s suspicious to be out on 9/11 at the mall eating a corn dog.

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    I really thought that the 9-11 piece was very well edited, and it made me remeber how I felt at the time, and rembemer to never forget the lives that were lost on the day. I was in 4th grade, and was woken up by my mother telling me something bad had happened (I live on the west coast). I also LOVED Bobbie Dooley's bit. Really brought back the Phil Hendrie Show attitude. "Stop talking…" "You sound like a seal." Funny as hell!

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    Loved the B. Dooley segment. I notice at times your not as harsh towards your callers as you have been in the past, I miss that. Bobby brought a little fire back this segment though with her wishing to gas that woman's grandson and it was great!

    Keep it up Phil.

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    I hate to be a jerk, but…..

    Are you going to put some of my monthly backstage pass payment towards the royalties for having more than 3 minutes of audio from that movie?

    You basically just charged me to listen to that audio from a copyrighted movie.

    I know I'm being nit-picky, but you just did the same thing you're complaining about others.

    Or did you get this ok'd with the movie studio ahead of time??

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    Lloyd and Herb. I miss Herb the most.

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    I'm always entertained each night by your comedic genius. It's usually the hardest I laugh each day! Just one question… Did LLOYD BONAFIDE die? We have not heard from him in sooo long. One of my top-5 favorite characters, I am now concerned for his well-being. Maybe he chose to go out like "Carothers" did after Lloyd had relations with his wife? Please give us fans a LLOYD update soon…

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