Tonight our guests were Insensitive German writer Shoell Heller and Chris Norton. We’ll fill in the details later as we’ve had the Internet go down, if you’ll pardon the expression.

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    Phil Hendrie

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    btw, can't download Adobe 10.1 yet on our Android (Samsung Vibrant). Waiting for a system upgrade. We tried, can't do it – we'll gladly wait. (Not bitching, just saying – obviously I'm asleep by the time the show airs in Seattle and I do fall asleep during the video we stream on our laptop so… yeah)

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    Sorry Timmy and Sean King…. Zzzzz the first had it right… This show blew… It was terrible… Chris wasn't funny at all… The bit sucked which is why it didn't last the phull hour…

    Have either of you guys listened to the pre 2006 material?

    Not every show is a zinger… maybe 1 out of 5 is decent.

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    …what he said ^

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    Go blow a hillside of erections. Feel free to cancel yourself.

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    No it wasn't Phil was dealing with what he had on the desk…And chris Norton is Funny as Hell.Phil and Jason do the best with what they can do with the garbage they are presented with.Don't question Phil Hendrie..he hasn't lost it..he makes our day here at the studio.If you don't like it you can listen to Jeff Haniity and Sean Combs or whoever else is feeding you Bul*(**( !Phil and Jason…Good Job!

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    And I love penis, btw.

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    This show was terrible….. Ugh… What happened to pre 2006 Phs?

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