Phil brought on Chris Norton tonight who described a dance he did at a bachelorette party that involved “hip flexing”  and inadvertant contact with a womans nose…

Bud and Robert pretended they were doing James Browns act including Bud wearing a cape (a beach towel) and Bud dancing like James Brown (limping around the stage…).

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  • paddyandpeanut

    BTW, Capital Centre (where I saw my first concert – Duran Duran in 1984) became US Air Arena and still books pretty big shows.

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    if anyone wants to see what phil is talking about check out james brown at the tami awards on youtube

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    Hahah this was so funny. I love how you do Chris Norton as this "Sex god" and he sounds like he is the biggest dumbass the way he talks. It is so funny listening to these two voices go back and forth, and how he was "going to meet with the guy at his house to show him his hip flexing" ahahaha

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    That was hilarious! Best segment in weeks.

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    I love the name of his business: Nortonsplodes

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    I love Ironswine! It's like supposed to be a classic radio drama, but Bud and Robert are so unrehearsed and mismatched that it never gets going.

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    Joey, are you related to Elmer?

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    Nice Wodehouse mention, I discovered him in eighth grade (don't ask how), and enjoyed his books ever since. You never hear the man's name mentioned anywhere, though. Start with the short-story collection "Carry On, Jeeves," you won't be sorry.

    Or maybe you will.

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    dont know if you found out your actor; I think its Basil Rathbone

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    The interviews go too slow. You beat a dead horse — repeating the same points over an over. Gosh! The "straw hat" garbage shows a lack of material padded ad nauseam. Crimeny!!!

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