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Thursday, September 13, 2012

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Dean Wheeler, from another one of his "tribal dance council" meetings spoke to Phil about the tendency every man has to get violent if his religion is criticized. Dean said that when he has his "meditation sessions on the bluff" or one of his "senior citizen dance circles" and people drive by and honk or drop their pants he wants to chase them down and strangle them....

Harvey Weirman along with a new member of his law firm, Chad Ketcham, came on to discuss Florida's mistaken purging of citizens from their voter rolls. Harvery told Phil "first of all, in Florida, as part of the Sunshine Law, its called a Floater Roll, not a voter roll." Chad didn't contribute much although he sounded as if he were around 15 years old, not 31 like he said.

And Margaret Grey called in to tell Harvey he'd mispronounced Boca Raton. "It's bo-CA RA-ten. The French pronunciation" she said unconvincingly.


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